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Wonderous Wetlands


It is estimated that 85% of our wetlands have been lost to development, so taking care of what's left is incredibly important. Wetlands are lands that are saturated with or covered by shallow water for all or part of the year, creating wet soils and supporting water-loving plants.

They vary, from very large complexes connected by streams, to small wetlands that lie in poorly drained depressions in the landscape, to fringes along the edges of lakes and rivers.


Healthy wetland systems act as nature's superheroes, reducing the impact of floods, droughts, heavy rainfall, and heatwaves on our surroundings. They have an incredible ability to absorb water, with some wetlands holding MILLIONS of litres per acre during peak times! But their benefits don't stop there! As excess water is stored, it gradually seeps into the ground, replenishing underground aquifers – our vital source of drinking water. Plus, wetland plants and soil microbes act as natural filters, removing pollutants like fertilizers, road runoff, and industrial waste, ensuring cleaner water for all.


Riverside Marsh, Penticton

Riverside Marsh is a oxbow that was once part of the Okanagan River. Oxbows are the curves in a river that have become cutoff from the main channel, whether naturally or via human engineering. Between 2016 and 2020 Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship planted over 2500 native, trees, shrubs, wild flowers and grasses on the site in partnership with the City of Penticton and with the help of over 300 volunteers.

Skaha Lake Park Pond, Penticton

Skaha Park Pond has had four "green-ups" over 6 months in 2022. In addition to planting 634 Indigenous trees and shrubs, we have also held 6 training workshops ranging from Beginner Birding, to Amphibians, as well as NativePlants and Pollinators and even a Bioblitz!

A huge Thank You goes out to all our board members, volunteers and members of Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship who kicked off the fall planting at this urban pond in September, as well as Skaha Lake Middle School, the Penticton Excel School and families of Dragonfly Pond Society, who continued planting at the pond.

North Vernon Park, Vernon

North Vernon park offers important wetland and riparian habitat to all sorts of native plants and animals. BX Creek runs along the east edge of the park and the park is located between swan lake and the heron rookery making it very important to the habitat connectivity in the area. Over two years, with partnership of Vernon & RDNO Parks, volunteers including Tekmar, AIAO, and many local residents, we have planted hundreds of native trees and shrubs, tackled a monster of an invasive plant infestation and engaged the local community in several workshops.

Coming soon, we have plans to add an on-the-ground project or two with the City of Kelowna (stay tuned!)

Want to learn more about local wetlands? Check out the information on


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