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Price of the Prize

Did you know Goldfish were once given away as prizes at fairs, carnivals, and other events?

Goldfish come from eastern Asia and were among the first foreign fish species introduced to North America, dating back to the 1800’s. They are now among the most popular aquarium fish worldwide and have become an invasive species in many areas. Although very pretty, goldfish can be devastating to local ecosystems if released into ponds, lakes, and streams. They uproot vegetation and stir up sediment while feeding which greatly reduces water quality and negatively affects aquatic plants. They have voracious appetites, eating almost anything they can fit in their mouth, including small amphibians and amphibian eggs. This huge appetite also reduces the amount of food available for any other wildlife in the pond. Goldfish reproduce very quickly - a single female can prodice 150,000 eggs EACH year. That, plus their long life span (10-15 years) means they are nearly impossible to eradicate once present in an ecosystem.

Unwanted goldfish should never, ever be released into the wild. Instead, they can be given away or humanely euthanised.


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