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Is there a mouse in your pocket?

It's BC Day weekend! One species that is special to BC is the Great Basin Pocket Mouse, which is only found in the Okanagan-Similkameen Valleys and nowhere else in Canada!

Why is it called a pocket mouse? It is true that they are small enough to fit inside your pocket, but that's not quite the reason. These cuties have external, fur-lined pouches on the outside of their cheeks where they can store food! The pockets open near their mouth and make gathering up grass and shrub seeds a breeze.

Pocket mice are nocturnal and live in solitary burrows in dry shrub and grassland habitats. Because of their dry ecosystems, these mice gain water almost entirely from their food, rather than seeking out sources of water like ponds and streams. In addition to seeds they also eat some green vegetation and insects.

Visit our Learn More page for more information on critters in our area.

We wish everyone a very happy and safe BC Day!


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