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Marvelous meadowlark nests

Can you see the nest? It even has residents!

Tomorrow is #WorldMigratoryBirdDay!! Did you know that Western Meadowlark nests often have a roof and sometimes even an entry tunnel?

Meadowlarks are a grassland bird and build their nests directly on the ground. A female finds a shallow dip or depression on the landscape and builds a soft cup of grass for her nest. She doesn't always stop there though, and often weaves surrounding grasses together to make a grassy domed roof above the nest for better protection and concealment! Sometimes she will even make a sort of runway leading up to the nest and these can be several feet long!

Speaking of Meadowlarks.... did you know that the annual Meadowlark Nature Festival is fast appoaching?! There are dozens of talks, hikes, tours and events all centred on the amazing wildlife and habitats we have here in the Okanagan.

Check them out and get your tickets at!


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