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Nature-inspired New Year's #5

It's the final week in our nature-inspired New Years resolutions! Here is one last thing you can learn from our local habitats:

Be like a riparian area and surround yourself with diversity!

Riparian areas are the thick, lush forests that grow up around creeks, rivers, ponds, and wetlands. Did you know that these areas are home to nearly three-quarters of wildlife species in the Okanagan? Some of these species only need to spend part of their life cycle there, but many, many others will live there from birth to death! Because of this, these creekside forests are bursting with a mind boggling diversity of plants, animals, and insects. Most of these species do not look, act, or live in even remotely the same way as one another and yet together they create a strong and healthy system. It has been shown that the more diversity the habitat has, the better it functions and the healthier it is overall.

Make the effort to surround yourself with variety in as many aspects of your life as you can this year; you'll probably be stronger for it!


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