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Alien Invaders

There are so many options when choosing flowers for the garden, but not all plants are created equal. One of the flowers below is not like the others! Do you know which is the odd one out?

It's the Marigold! (top left).

Even though all four of the flowers above are "non-native" plants, meaning they aren't naturally found in the Okanagan and Similkameen, the Marigold is the only one that is not an "invasive" plant, meaning it does not grow uncontrollably in unwanted places.

The other three flowers are (clockwise from top): Sulpher Cinquefoil, Dalmatian Toadflax, and Yellow Flag-iris. These plants (along with countless others) have dramatic impacts on local wildlife and their habitats, but they also impact humans as well. Invasive plant species can decrease yields and productivity in agriculture and forestry, lower property values in a neighborhood, and even cause us physical harm. Not only that, but hundreds of thousands of dollars each year are spent trying to prevent, manage, or remove these plants. When planting your garden this spring, be sure to double-check your plant list and make sure you aren't helping these invaders "dig in" any furhter!

For information on invasive species, check out our website (www.osstewardship.ca)! You can also go to www.oasiss.com, or search Google to find the local invasive species group in your region.