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Blooming Balsamroot

#funfactfriday Everyone's favorite sign of spring, the Arrowleaf Balsamroot (aka Okanagan Sunflower) is blooming now! Did you know that this amazing plant has roots that are up to 8 feet long? That's as tall as your front doorframe! Why would a relatively small flower need such a large root system?

Huge roots help anchor Balsamroot plants firmly into our loose, sandy soil and also help them reach deep underground to gather as much water as possible in our dry climate. These roots also make sure the plant can survive a wildfire - even if the flames burn up the top part of the plant, there is still lots of root to re-sprout from afterwards!

Native plant species are nearly always more tolerant of local conditions - which means they make for beautifully low-maintenence gardens! Why not add local wildflowers to your next garden project?


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