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Out in the Field with our Summer Students!

We Summer Students have already put a lot of hours into invasive plant management this year. Invasive plants can be extremely detrimental to wildlife habitat. The Common Burdock, pictured here, grows so tall and has such broad leaves that it can quickly shade-out native plants. The many burrs that Burdock produces can attach to animal fur and feathers and cause hide-irritation and anxiety. Large clumps of them can even trap small birds and bats, who eventually die stuck in the plant. Burdock can pose similar problems to livestock, including de-valuing the wool of sheep.

Do you have large areas of Burdock or other invasive weeds on your property? We can help! Wildlife Habitat Stewards can receive customized Invasive Plant Management Plans for dealing with weeds and enhancing habitats. Contact us to find out how to become a Wildlife Habitat Steward and begin de-weeding your property.


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